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Proposed Roadmap

  1. Create basic communication platforms
  2. People and organizations could be grouped into:
    • Existing open source projects, which want to contribute (upstream) code to a more “global” repository.
    • Users who want to contribute man-power.
    • Users interested in using such a new repository.
  3. Create a list of existing open source repositories.
  4. Discuss administrative things:
    • Name for the new group
    • Name for the repository / library
    • Chose a license
    • Coding guidelines?
  5. Have (recorded?) Hangout meetings to:
    • present existing open source projects
    • discuss what could be up streamed
    • discuss what needs to be developed
    • discuss interfaces
  6. Create a list of proposed packages for the new repository.
    • Collect proposed packages and functions
    • Include the list of proposed changes from P1076 WG
  7. Work on unified package interfaces if multiple groups want to upstream similar functionality.
  8. Public relations
    • Get sponsors?
    • Get shipped within tool chains
    • Get embedded in other projects
  9. Work towards a first release.
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