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Author Patrick Lehmann
Last Update 26.08.2016
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Mathematical Functions

Regular structures like sorting networks need helper functions to calculate the bound for for…generate statements. This packages offers common mathematical functions like gcd, lcm or triangual number.

package math is
  -- figurate numbers
  function squareNumber(N : positive) return positive;
  function cubicNumber(N : positive) return positive;
  function triangularNumber(N : natural) return natural;
  -- coefficients
  -- binomial coefficient (N choose K)
  function binomialCoefficient(N : positive; K : positive) return positive;
  -- greatest common divisor (gcd)
  function greatestCommonDivisor(N1 : positive; N2 : positive) return positive;
  -- least common multiple (lcm)
  function leastCommonMultiple(N1 : positive; N2 : positive) return positive;
end package;

Source: PoC.math

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