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Author Patrick Lehmann
Last Update 30.08.2016
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Proposal Flow

Suggest flow for:

  • New packages and functionality
  • Minor Changes
  • Bugfixes

New Packages Flow

While “CoreLib” is collecting and developing the first packages, we need to get an overview on existing code. So please list existing open source projects and list what code could be up streamed to CoreLib. When CoreLib has a set of basic packages, possible duplication might become rare, so most contribution will fall under the “bugfix” or “Minor Changes” flow.

  1. An author or group suggests a new package or set of functions as a “proposal”.
  2. Wiki users and maintainer will comment on the proposal and might request additions, changes, etc.
  3. The author or group forks the “CoreLib” repository and develops the contribution on a private feature branch (see Git Flow)
  4. Maintainers will follow the Git development and check the contribution for quality.
  5. When all the maintainers are satisfied, the contributors can create a pull-request.
  6. After a final check, the PR gets accepted and the attribution will be merged into the master (stable) branch.

Minor Changes Flow

  1. to be written

Bugfix Flow

  1. to be written
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