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Other VHDL resources

VHDL books

VHDL Bloggers

List of personal or corporate blogs that deal with VHDL or hardware design in general:

VHDL Simulators


All major EDA vendors have their own HDL simulators. They usually support both VHDL and Verilog. Mixed language designs (designs that contain both VHDL and Verilog code) are also supported, but this usually requires a more expensive license.

  • ModelSim / QuestaSim / vsim (Mentor Graphics)
  • ncsim (Cadence)
  • vcs (Synopsys)
  • Xilinx ISim
  • Aldec RivieraPro
  • ActiveHDL (Aldec, also shipped by Altium)
  • VHDL Simili (Symphony EDA)
  • Green Mountain (not maintained over the last years, supports Mac)

Free / Open Source Software

The open source VHDL simulators have a much slower simulation speed than commercial simulators. Today open source simulators support a limited subset of VHDL

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